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At classic broker, website of Classic Auto Corp, the top classic car broker of classic auto dealers, we privide the best platform to buy and sell not only vehicals and vessles of every kind, but other valued objects as well and arrainge shipping, with award winning customer service.
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Since 1970 Classic Broker has been following classic car brokers and shows, for trucks, hot rods, antique, and classcic cars.  During this time we have learned a lot about the industry we will be glad to share with you.


Over the coming years Classic Broker will dominate the new car, truck, late model car & truck, hot rod, antique, classic car, boat and motorcycle, industry advertising for sellers and buyers.

Our mission to do this will be done with hard work and dedicated service.


  • At Classic Auto Corp we have amassed the biggest and best classic car domains.
  • Our hard work and dedication has earned us respect world wide.
  • Our new Classic Broker website will proof how hard we will work for you.

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